Sali (The Hall)

A down-to-earth restaurant experience

Sali (The Hall) is the place to enjoy casual, yet elegant Finnish food. We are inspired by Finnish home cooking and the brilliant inventiveness Finns have showed in the past while cooking with the scant resources they’ve had. Obviously we wouldn’t be Finnish devils, if we didn’t twist it to our own liking.

Contact, Opening Hours & Location

Helsingin Taidehalli, Ainonkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki

Salonki Thursday-Saturday 4pm – 8pm
Sali – Fri-Sat 14.-15.5. 11.30am- 8pm & starting on 20.5. Wed-Sat 11.30am-8pm

Finnjävel SALI
0300 472 337

Finnjävel SALONKI
0300 472 340

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