The refined restaurant experience

In Salonki we proudly serve you the best Finnish cuisine has to offer: be it the rich flavours of the Northern wilderness or the delicate, yet intense impressions of the Finnish nightless summer. As a homage to Finnish cuisine, we use the finest and wildest Finnish ingredients and we apply Finnish cooking methods from curing, fermenting to smoking. Indeed, we have delved into the past to create the future of Finnish cuisine. Our restaurant’s round tables comfortably seat groups of 2-6 people and our cabinet offers an opportunity to dine with a larger group at the same table.

Finnjävel Salonki has been awarded with a Michelin Star. In 2021 we were also awarded prestigious Service Award accolade for the best service in the Nordic countries. Long live the Finnish gastronomy!

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In Salonki we serve two different menus: a five-course one and a more elaborate eight-course one. The menus are journeys into wilderness of the unique Finnish cuisine. We interpretate food traditions from all parts of Finland. During one night you can be suprised with something new and be taken back to your youth with a single bite.

MENU SALONKI 108 € / 135 €

+ house bread and butter milk 9 €
+ cheese 15 €
+ Finnish caviar 106 € (30g)

GOOD WINES 92 € / 112 €


If you or your guest have food allergies or a special diet, please contact us in advance so that we can check whether we can implement an experience worthy of the Salon. By inquiring in advance, you ensure a smooth experience at Salong – we have very limited opportunities to take into account the restrictions announced on site, thus affecting your experience as well.

The traditional Finnish food is strongly based on meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and eggs. For this reason, we can only take limited account of special diets and allergies on the Salonki side. Unfortunately, we cannot implement a dairy-free, onion-free or vegan menu at all. Thank you for your understanding.